Users Roles

Managing Users and Their Roles

Follow these steps to effectively manage users and their roles

Note: Only users with admin roles such as the Owner or a Manager have access to this feature.

Step1: Invite a New Member

  • Access the User Management section in the Zero-Code platform.

  • Click on the "Invite Member" button to invite a new user to join.

  • Fill in the required information in the form, including the member's first and last name, email address, and choose their role.

  • Submit the form. The invited user will receive an email to confirm their access and set a new password.

Step2: Monitor and Edit Members

  • In the User Management section, a table will display all the members.

  • The table includes columns for name, email, profile picture, role, and date of joining.

  • Use the table to monitor and filter members based on their roles.

  • Edit a member's role by selecting the appropriate role option from the available choices.

Roles in Zero-Code

  • Managers: They have all admin rights and can create and deploy Smart Contracts and Token Gaters. They can manage brands and projects, members and roles, API keys, and edit the organisation's details.

  • Members with Deploying Permission: They can create and deploy smart contracts and Token Gaters. They can manage brands and projects but cannot manage other users, API keys, or edit the organization's profile.

  • Members with Only Read Access: They have limited access and are usually guests. They can read smart contracts, access the embedder, but cannot deploy or edit smart contracts or Token Gaters.

By following these steps, you can invite new members, assign roles to them, and monitor their details within the Users Roles section of the Zero-Code platform. This enables efficient user management, ensuring appropriate access levels and permissions for different team members or guests.

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