Token Gate your WIX App

Creating a Zero-Code-powered Token Gater on Wix

Step 1: Create a Token Gated Page

In your Wix website editor, create a new page dedicated to the token gater. This page will serve as the entry point for users who want to access the token-gated content.

Step 2: Create a Token Gater in Zero-Code

Navigate to the Zero-Code platform and click on "Create Token Gater." Think of the Token Gater as a lock that restricts access to certain content.

Step 3: Token Gate Details

a) Enter the name and description for the token gater, providing clear information about its purpose and the benefits of unlocking it.

b) Specify the minimum number of NFTs a user needs to hold in order to unlock the gater. This ensures that only eligible users gain access to the gated content.

c) Enter the Token Sales URL. If a user doesn't have enough tokens to unlock the gater, they can be redirected to a minting page, a whitelist form, or a support contact page for further assistance.

Step 4: Select Smart Contract

a) Choose a published smart contract from the available options on Zero-Code that will be associated with the Token Gater.

b) Alternatively, if you have an external smart contract, insert its address and specify the blockchain it belongs to.

Step 5: Deploy the Token Gater

Review the details of the Token Gater to ensure accuracy. Once verified, click on the deploy button to publish the Token Gater.

After the Token Gater is published

Step 1: Embed the Token Gater in Wix

a) Within Zero-Code, select "Integrate with Wix" as the Token Gate Embedding Option.

b) Provide the Page URL where end users will click the "Only Holders" button to get token gated. This URL acts as a security layer to prevent fraud.

Step 2: Copy the Wix Embedded Code

Zero-Code will provide you with an embedded code specific to Wix.

Step 3: Access your Wix website editor.

Open the Dev Console Open the Dev Console for the page where you want to implement the Token Gater.

Step 4: Pass the Embedded Code

Paste the copied embedded code into the Dev Console of the Wix page. This code will integrate the token gater functionality into your Wix website, allowing users to access the gated content based on their token holdings.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can successfully create and integrate a Zero-Code-powered token gater into your Wix website, providing a secure and seamless token-gated experience for your users.

Visitor Experience with Zero-Code's Gater

Follow these steps to understand the visitor experience when interacting with Zero-Code's gater feature:

Step 1: Clicking on the "Only Members Offer" Button

  • When users click on the "Only Members Offer" button on your website or platform, they will be redirected to Zero-Code's gater page.

Step 2: Connecting the Wallet

  • If users are accessing the gater for the first time, they will be prompted to connect their Metamask or Coinbase wallets.

  • Make sure users have either Metamask or Coinbase wallet extensions installed on their browser and connected to the blockchain where the NFT is deployed (Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC).

Step 3: Wallet Verification

  • Once users are connected to their wallets, Zero-Code will automatically verify if they hold the required amount of NFTs from the corresponding collection.

  • Zero-Code checks if users fulfill the holding requirements to access the unlocked content.

Step 4: Redirection Based on Fulfilling Requirements:

  • If users meet the holding requirements, they will be redirected to the unlocked content, gaining access to the exclusive members' offering.

  • However, if users do not fulfill the holding requirements, they will be redirected to one of the following pages:

    • Mint Page: Users can mint or acquire the required NFTs.

    • Whitelist Page: Users can submit their information for whitelisting.

    • Contact Page: Users can reach out to the team for further assistance.

By following this visitor experience flow, Zero-Code's gater feature ensures that users are directed accordingly based on their holdings of the required NFTs. It provides a seamless and controlled access mechanism for exclusive content or offers, enhancing user engagement and interaction on your website or platform.

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